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Lisa Musumeci
Certified Life Coach

Guidance for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Change is part of everyone’s life. Helping you navigate through life’s circumstances and roller coaster of emotions is my passion. No one has to be alone during this journey of grief, loss, and change. With my support and guidance, you can learn to live your ‘new normal’ and find peace in your life.

Coaching with Become ReNewed is a personalized one on one relationship that creates self awareness and a powerful transformational journey that endures.
Lisa Musumeci
Lisa Musumeci

Become ReNewed with the Body, Mind, and Spirit Coach

Change is part of everyone’s life. Helping you navigate through life’s challenging circumstances is my passion. I work one-on-one to support you through any kind of loss or change.

I am a certified life coach who specializes in grief, loss, and change. I understand that the support you need does not always come from family and friends. I will help you engage, connect, and embrace your emotions so that you gain understanding of your unique situation. My years of caring and supporting others as a Registered Nurse as well as my personal journey have created the foundation for my coaching practice. I am compassionate, caring, and respectful.

I can help:

  • Develop actions plans, strategies, and accountability
  • Encourage, motivate, and inspire you
  • Create significant and sustainable change one step at a time
  • Maintain your dignity and integrity
  • Respect any cultural beliefs

Through our work together, you will become renewed in mind, body, and spirit. I am committed to partner with you and hope that you commit to dedicate yourself to working with me to release your grief, loss, or change through awakening your spirit.

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What My Clients Are Saying:

I was referred to Lisa by a close friend who thought I could benefit from an action-oriented process to help me get out of my own way. Lisa was able to help me discover more things about myself and raised my awareness of the negative thinking patterns that I had since childhood. Coaching with Lisa has given me the skills to be present, to cope with things that are coming at me, and to recognize and express my emotions, which creates a life with more happiness and better relationships. For an empowering and raised consciousness experience, I highly recommend Lisa who will actively listen, be compassionate, and be direct and honest."
— Monique, Project Manager, Anchorage, Alaska
I started coaching with Lisa when my marriage of 20 years was in difficulty. I had so many different emotions, especially shock and grief, and it helped being able to share them with a non judgmental person. Through partnering with Lisa, I learned that the only person I could control was myself. This allowed me to focus on my own journey, not to take things personally, and to create the life I wanted. I practiced new strategies and coping skills that helped me to move forward. Lisa helped me gain awareness and ownership of my own behaviors and only then I was able to positively transform them. Thanks to Lisa's compassionate and unbiased coaching, I am now happily living my new normal. Most importantly, I have learned acceptance, forgiveness, and self love. Honestly, I could not have not done it without Lisa´s help."
— Marina , Physician, Madrid, Spain
Lisa coached me after I experienced my third significant death of a loved-one over a period of 18 months. I was in emotional overwhelm and felt so very alone. Lisa worked with me to explore each loss separately so that the grief was more manageable. By talking with Lisa and having her compassionate ear, I was able to feel connected, express my feelings, and create an action plan to help with forward momentum. Through her talented and compassionate coaching, I felt supported and moved out of my overwhelm back into a good place of sustainable self-reliance."
— Alice, Executive Consultant, Massachusetts
Lisa was compassionate and caring and brought positive energy to the coaching relationship right off the bat. In a supportive and nonjudgmental way, she challenged my perspectives so that I could see the bigger picture of the situation I had created. Once she had helped me clear away the interpretations and fear that were at the root of my issues, she helped me to clarify my goals, identify a set a steps to start moving forward, provided accountability for implementing my plan, and was there to celebrate my success!"
— Laurel, Ph.D., Groton, CT
Lisa became my coach when I was recently widowed. She has supported me through the grief process by allowing me to talk about my feelings and not suppress them. I now have strategies to help me on a daily basis when I feel sadness or stress. When I feel out of control about things, Lisa has a very helpful and easy manner. Because I have learned new coping skills, I feel more capable to be independent and secure. I also learned to memorialize my husband and keep his memory alive. Having a compassionate coach like has Lisa been a healing experience."
— Vera, Retired Bank Teller, New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach?
A certified professional that helps clients gain clarity, perspective, skills, and momentum by creating individualized strategies and plans. As your life coach, I will empower you to create the life you want to lead and be your accountability partner during the journey.
How can Become ReNewed help?
You can express emotions in a supportive and non- judgemental environment. You will gain tools to confidently face difficult situations and push past emotional barriers. I will engage and empower you to uncover any blocks or fears, helping you to become self-aware and to accept your vulnerability as part of the grieving process.
What are some benefits of coaching with Become ReNewed?
You will learn coping techniques, self care routines, and self reliance. The benefits are aligned with your individual journey.
Do we need to live in the same city or state?
Not at all, I can coach you over the phone or internet.
What are your services?
I provide a complimentary 30-minute discovery session where you will leave with a skill or strategy that you can put to use immediately. After the complimentary session, you can sign up for individualized one-hour sessions. I also offer an assessment test which indicates your level of awareness and helps you to be more productive, efficient, and content.
What is your background?
I have been a lifelong caregiver. I spent most of my career as a registered nurse. When I experienced my own tragedy and loss, I became passionate about helping people through their own loss. I am compassionate and supportive, helping you to heal–mind, body, and spirit.

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For More Information or to Book a Complimentary Session
Complimentary Discovery Session: 30 minutes. We can assess the fit and you can learn one skill or strategy.
Individual Coaching Sessions: 60 minutes conducted over the phone or internet and includes e-mail or text support between sessions.
Energy Leadership Assessment: 30 minute online assessment test and one hour debrief.
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